3D Oneshot-HSQC

An efficient way to minimise signal overlap is to add a diffusion dimension to a 2D (or higher dimensionality) NMR experiment, generating 3D (or higher) DOSY spectrum. Here, a pulse sequence which concatenates the Oneshot and echo/anti-echo HSQC sequences, using adiabatic chirp pulses for 13C inversion and refocusing. It has a short minimum phase cycle, and allows flexible setting of diffusion parameters. As with all HSQC experiments which use broadband heteronuclear decoupling, there will be some sample heating due to the extra radio frequency power during acquisition.

Varian / Agilent
Not Available.

Pulse sequence:
oneshothsqc (right click and chose 'save ... as')

Data processing is readily available in the latest version of the MAGNATE.

"Unexploited dimension: New Software for Mixture Analysis by 3D Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy"