2DJ spectroscopy separates chemical shift and scalar coupling information into orthogonal frequency dimensions. When combined with pure shift NMR, which suppresses the effect of J-coupling in the directly detected dimension (t2), pure absorption lineshapes are retained and shearing of the data set is also avoided. The method require long experiment times (it is a pseudo 3D experiment), but retains all chemical shift and J-coupling information with enhanced resolution.


Varian / Agilent

Pulse sequence code: .c file. (copy to ~/vnmrsys/psglib/.)
Macro files: .zip file. (extract and copy to ~/vnmrsys/maclib/.)
Wave definition file for PSYCHE: .zip file. (extract and copy to /vnmr/wavelib/inversion/.)
Example data set: .zip file. (extract and copy .fid directories to any data directory)

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Anatomising Proton NMR Spectra with Pure Shift 2D J-Spectroscopy: A Cautionary Tale
Kiraly, P.; Foroozandeh, M.; Nilsson, M.; Morris, G. A.
Chem. Phys. Lett. 2017, 683, 398-403