ODYSSEUS is a new method for the analysis of low level impurities in sparsely fluorinated species which allows measurement of clean high dynamic range 19F spectra, fully decoupled and free of interfering signals from 13C isotopomers.

Pulse sequence diagram:
The experiment consists of three parts: a low-pass filter to suppress one-bond 13C satellite signals; a JCF –modulated spin echo; and acquisition during which the 19F signal is recorded under 1H decoupling.

Varian / Agilent
Pulse sequence:
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Pulse sequence:
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Moutzouri, P.; Kiraly, P.; Phillips, A. R.; Coombes, S. R.; Nilsson, M.; Morris, G. A.; Chem. Chom. 53, 123-125, 2017.
DOI: 10.1039/C6CC08836H