Current Members of the Research Group

Academic Staff
Gareth Morris (University web page)
Mathias Nilsson (University web page)
Ralph Adams (University web page)
Laura CastaƱar Acedo (University web page)

Research Staff
Peter Kiraly
James Montgomery

Graduate Students
Gabriel Rossetto
Coral Mycroft
Marshall Smith
Daniel Taylor
Runchao Li

MRes Students
Jamie Guest
Arika Hisatsune

MChem Students
Howard Foster
Hugo Woodhouse

MSc Students
Jiayi Jin
Qiushi Zhang
Xiao Zheng
Lu Yu

Dorottya Tatai (MSc student)

Former Members of the Research Group

Picture of Gareth Morris Picture of Mathias Nilsson Picture of Ralph Adams Picture of Laura Castanar Acedo
Picture of Peter Kiraly Picture of James Montgomery Picture of Gabriel Rossetto Picture of Runchao Li
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