Hussain Al Zaindeen

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Graduate Student


Dover Street Building
Department of Chemistry
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL
Tel: 07778921419

NMR Methods for Studying Catalyzed Chemical Processes

I completed one-year training program "College Degree Program for Non-Employees" offered by ARAMCO; a preparatory-advanced program prior to university (2015). Then, I graduated with B.Sc Degree in Chemistry (Honours) from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (early 2019). I joined Aramco Research & Development Center (R&D) as R&D Materials Performance Scientist working on corrosion studies associated with oil & gas processing assets (late 2019). Following this, I started working as R&D Hydrocarbons Characterization Scientist studying crude oils, fuels, and products by conducting technical assessments including quality control and process evaluation on corporate and strategic scale (2021). After that, I worked in ARAMCO Gas-Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) as Process Engineer maintaining sustainable oil production scheme and process design (2022). Enthusiasm to learn more and to be equipped with academic research skills were catalysts for me to embark on Ph.D. journey at the University of Manchester, working in NMR Methodology Group under the supervision of Prof. Mathias Nilsson, Dr. Ralph Adams, Dr. Carmine D’agostino, and Dr. Daniel Lee.

Publications (Most recent first)
Oladepo, S.A., Yusuf, B.O. & Alzaindeen, H. Comparative Study of Thermal Stability and On/Off Fluorescent Signaling Characteristics of Self-Quenching Smart Probes. Arab J Sci Eng 46, 407–416 (2021).