Pure Shift NMR

Suppressing multiplet structure in 1H NMR spectra offers a large improvement in spectral resolution (see below), each multiplet collapsing down to a single line at the appropriate chemical shift. The improvement in resolution is equivalent to using a 5 GHz spectrometer rather than a 500 MHz.

(Top) normal and (bottom) pure shift 500 MHz 1H spectra of estradiol. Taken from Foroozandeh et al..

Such “pure shift” techniques are readily extended to multidimensional methods. For example, in DOSY the ability to resolve different rates of diffusion depends crucially on resolving signals in the NMR spectrum. Unresolved signals lead to compromise apparent diffusion coefficients, so pure shift DOSY can make DOSY spectra much easier to interpret.

(Left) normal and (right) pure shift 400 MHz 1H DOSY spectra of a mixture of vitamin D3 and provitamin D3. Collapsing multiplet structure avoids signal overlap and leads to all signals appearing with the correct diffusion coefficient. Taken from Foroozandeh et al..

If pure shift methods are combined with covariance processing it is possible to produce multidimensional spectra in which all signals appear as singlets, greatly simplifying results.

(Left) normal and (right) pure shift 500 MHz 1H TOCSY spectra of estradiol. Taken from Foroozandehet al..

Our research in this field is focused on the development and the application of novel pure shift NMR techniques. Over the last years we have published several new pure shift methods that have become very popular such as PSYCHE and real-time HSQC, among others. All our pulse sequences codes and ancillary material that allow these methods to be implemented immediately on standard NMR spectrometers are freely available here. There is also available a pure shift NMR package which include pulse sequences, sample experimental data and copies of slides for the talks given at our 2017 workshop on pure shift NMR.

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