Routine 3D shimming through automation

Problem: Regularly shimming magnets running in automation is time consuming and blocks out time during the day when the instrument could be running experimenter's samples

Solution: Schedule iconNMR to do the shimming for you during quiet or prespecified times


  1. Copy your favourite shim file: ‘wsh shim.icon’
  2. In the iconNMR Lock/Shim Options -> Solvent/Probe Dependencies set the shim file for all solvents to ‘shim.icon’
  3. Download the au_make_shim.icon file from here (right click and chose 'save ... as') and save it in /opt/topspin/exp/stan/nmr/au/src/user/. or equivalent
  4. Create a standard 1H experiment and set the automation acquisition AU program ‘AUNM’ to au_make_shim.icon
  5. Save the parameter set
  6. Add the parameter set to your admin (or preferred) user in iconNMR
  7. Put in a 90 % H2O/10 % D2O sample
  8. Submit the experiment using iconNMR