MAGNATE (Multidimensional Analysis for the GNAT Environment)

The MAGNATE is a software package intended for the analysis of multidimensional high resolution NMR datasets: either conventional 2D spectra (e.g. HSQC, COSY), or pseudo-3D spectra (e.g. DOSY). The beta version imports only pre-processed TopSpin data, at the moment. Please feel free to us to report bugs, or suggest new features.

A basic manual can be found in the Supporting Information of the original publication here.


Current version: 0.9 - 15 Jan 2019
Matlab version (compatible with Matlab2017a and above)
Windows compiled version (with shell window)
Windows compiled version
NOTE: Compiled versions require Matlab RunTime

Beta – 14 July 2018
Matlab version (compatible with Matlab2017a and above)

Bruker macro (right click and choose 'save ... as')

Test data (right click and choose 'save ... as')
MAGNATE format data (size 287 MB)
TopSpin 3D data (size 30 MB)

"Unexploited dimension: New Software for Mixture Analysis by 3D Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy"