Workshop on pure shift NMR - downloads

Data Archives, including instructions, sequences, parameter files and example data.

Software only ( < 1 Mb): (updated: Jan 2018).
Full (262 Mb): (updated: Jan 2018).
Bruker PSYCHE manual: Bruker_PSYCHE_PS_manual.pdf.

N.B. Topspin is not yet fully compatible with the floating point data acquisition used in Neo consoles, so in some versions of Topspin is may be necessary to convert interferogram pure shift data to integer form (e.g. with the Bruker AU programme sertoint.ptg) before processing with UoM_proc_1d_2d_if or pshift.

Software only( < 1 Mb):
Full (26 Mb):
Manual: UoM_PureShiftNMR_Varian_Manual_rev1.pdf.

Varian only for Inova
Software only( < 1 Mb):
Full (6 Mb):
Manual: UoM_PureShiftNMR_Varian_Manual_rev1_Inova.pdf.

External Contributions
DIAG package( < 1 Mb):

The Bruker and Varian/Agilent pure shift data and software archives can also be downloaded from Mendeley via DOI:10.17632/w9nz44cyft.2 and DOI:10.17632/rgj4jwcsnz.1 respectively.